Plextor = Fast CD burning with insurance
Posted on: 09/11/2000 10:01 PM

Dr. Evil over at the Tech-Report has a dandy review of the newest and most tricked-out Plextor CD-burner to date:
I couldn't resist testing out the BURN-proof feature on the Plextor. First I had to find a way to run the buffer dry, which turned out to be more difficult than I initially thought it would. I tried defragmenting the hard drive, copying a large number of files, and running Q3A timedemos while burning, but none of that worked (damned robust Win2K multitasking). Finally, I got serious and loaded Winbench 99. The disk transfer rate test did a wonderful job of killing the buffer in a hurry.
Sounds like they've done it again! Check out the rest here.

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