Poll Time: Milkshake - Beverage or Dessert?
Posted on: 06/27/2002 06:06 PM

The other day, Alicia and I were enjoying our lunch at Applebees in Meadville, PA. When it came time for dessert, we ran into an interesting argument. Jim, of course, was all over the apple/cinnamon crisp a la mode. I wanted a tasty beverage to go along with it, so I ordered an Oreo milkshake as well. Alicia tells me that I had just ordered two desserts. Her contention was that the Oreo milkshake, in this particular context, was in fact another dessert in and of itself. Therefore I, the fatty, was having two desserts while she was having only one.

My contention is that a milkshake is merely a beverage, and not a dessert in and of itself. A milkshake can be consumed along with your entree of course, thus clearly throwing the Oreo milkshake I thoroughly enjoyed into the beverage category.

I had originally posted this only on jimkirk.org, but my buddy Jamie felt that this issue was so important that it needed to be aired more publically on 2CPU.com. I have received a lot of feedback on this issue, and I'm intrigued at what the response of our readers will be.

[Ed - Alicia is going to bitch slap me for this one.]

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