Preview look @ OSX on x86 Platform
Posted on: 11/11/2005 04:31 PM

In order to prevent unsavory characters from installing Apple's x86 version of OSX on just any hardware, the new OS will be bound to a specific "security chip" present only in Apple's own boxes. In this day and age, nothing is sacred though, as evidenced by this review at ZDNet.
When Steve Jobs announced the platform change, he publicly demonstrated Apple computers with Intel processors running an x86 version of Mac OS X. The OS is bound directly to the hardware by a special security chip. However, some developers have succeeded in circumventing this coupling, allowing the operating system to be installed on any x86 system, as this test report shows.
Not only have they hacked it to run on standard x86 hardware, but they have posted a bunch of pictures and benchmarks. Very cool indeed.

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