Privacy in the office (or anywhere there is a PC)
Posted on: 03/09/2000 06:01 PM

Now here is a very interesting article.
IN A NEW THREAT to personal privacy on the job, some companies have begun using surveillance software that covertly monitors and records each keystroke an employee makes: every letter, every comma, every revision, every flick of the fingertip, regardless of whether the data is ever saved in a file or transmitted over a corporate computer network. As they harvest those bits and bytes, the new programs, priced at as little as $99, give employers access to workers’ unvarnished thoughts — and the potential to use that information for their own ends.
Say you draft a rant to the boss or a client, and then, thinking better of it, delete the whole thing. Too late. One by one, all the keystrokes have been sucked up and stored on your computer’s hard drive or sent as e-mail that a computer-system administrator or manager can retrieve at his convenience.
I am not sure I agree with this being legal, but I sure would like to implement this at work on the boss' machine before he does this to me ;-)

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