Pure Hardware reviews Win2k
Posted on: 02/18/2000 01:20 PM

Pure Hardware has posted their two cents in their review of Win2k. It's a pretty good read with allot of Windows history. They rated it a 93 out of 100! Snip...
Today, Microsoft will demonstrate to the public its long anticipated and highly improved operating system for PC's, Windows 2000. Available in 3 different flavors (a fourth shall be released shortly), it not only offers plenty of new features but targets each operating system to a specific user. Meant to replace NT 4.0, Microsoft hopes to capitalize on its newest entry, hoping its newest features (i.e. better web server support, Active Directory, DirectX and USB support, Power management, etc) will entice enough people to upgrade their operating system. Will you be one of those people? Which operating system best suits your needs? Is it worth the cost? These and many more questions will plague consumers as we are introduced to Windows 2000. Hopefully, this preview shall answer many of your questions.

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