Puttin it on the line
Posted on: 03/10/2000 02:11 AM

Read my comments about benchmarking under Micah's "Just to clarify" post. In it, you'll notice I offer a free copy (retail, legal, etc) of Windows 2000 Professional or NT 4 Workstation (Your Choice) to the 1st person who can prove I'm wrong about the BX/GX benchmarks. If you can find a comparison on identical hardware and software (swapping ONLY the motherboard) that shows one BX or GX board has at least a 10% performance difference over another one, the software is yours, as is a public admission of defeat.

This isn't a total "put up or shutup" challenge: We TRULY believe that no BX or GX board can significantly outperform another one. If we're wrong, we want to know about it.

Have at it.

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