QDR SRAM Announced!
Posted on: 09/07/2000 03:14 AM

I really love Cnewz. Just the news, no commentary. Meat and potatoes baby. Micron has announced the availability of QDR (Quad Data Rate) SRAM. It should be noted that SRAM shouldn't be mistaken with DRAM (system memory). SRAM being static doesn't need continual refreshes to retain data. Therefore its fast, and of course expensive. SRAM is generally used as cache. BUT, back to the announcement. Here's a snippet.
"The relentlessly expanding amount of information traveling over the internet is creating the need for faster systems capable of routing and switching thereby increasing the amount of data across the globe," said Bob Donnelly, Micron Technology Inc.'s Vice-President of Memory Products. "The QDR device is specifically designed to simplify system designs while providing the highest bandwidth in these read/write intensive applications."
Cool stuff, check it out here.

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