QNX RtP Preview
Posted on: 08/28/2000 08:02 PM

BeNews has a preview of the soon to be released QNX Real Time Platform . Specifically they compare it to their very own BeOS.
In the world of embedded systems, QNX OS is well-known for running everything from medical hardware to satellites and spacecraft. QSSL, the company which develops QNX, have decided after nearly 20 years to adapt their product for the PC desktop market with a new and improved implementation of the QNX RealTime Platform (RtP), which is based on the Neutrino microkernel and powered by the Photon 2.0 windowing environment (RtP is currently under closed Beta). Since QNX RtP will be free for personal use in the very near future, this BeNews preview will see how QNX RtP compares to BeOS and to free Linux systems.
Check it out here

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