"Mini-Cluster" @ MINI-ITX.com
Posted on: 03/01/2004 04:44 PM

A couple of you emailed me about this cute 12-node cluster over at mini-itx.com which consists of VIA EPIA V8000, 800 MHz motherboards.
The machine runs FreeBSD 4.8, and MPICH After working with his machine and running some basic tests, Glen's cluster looks to be equivalent to at least 4 (maybe 6) 2.4Ghz Pentium IV boxes in parallel on a similar network - achieving a performance of around 3.6 GFLP.

The construction is simple and inexpensive. The motherboards were stacked using threaded aluminum standoffs and then mounted on aluminum plates. Two stacks of three motherboards were assembled into each rack. Diagonal stiffeners were fabricated from aluminum angle stock to reduce flexing of the rack assembly.
This certainly looks like an interesting project.

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