"Real World" SMP Observations
Posted on: 11/07/2000 02:39 AM

This fits in nicely with the HoH's All-in-Wonder Radeon review that I linked-up earlier. All you DV freaks take note, this one is for you. It seems a site called ABC DV (new site for me) has a preliminary look at an new DV card from Canopus. Why do I care? Well, they threw it in a dual box, that's why! While they include no *real* benchmarks, the writer comments on how the performance differs between a dual CPU system and a single CPU system.
On the dual machine, I can easily add some gnarly filters on a clip like Soft Focus and Color Correction with no noticeable lag. All play out in realtime; both to analog and DV.
Thanks to CarterTG for the linkage.

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