Radeon BeOS OpenGL Benchmarks!
Posted on: 10/17/2000 01:59 AM

Benews is at it again. This time with some comparitive OpenGL benchmarks between Win98 and BeOS on the ATI Radeon. You know already that Windows 98 must have gotten spanked, otherwise why would they run it? :-)
This article is not a plug for ATI's products. However, there's no denying that the Radeon is the card to buy for BeOS. It beats Windows hands down. Moreover, I didn't even use an SSE CPU (P3, P4, Celeron 2), where BeOS and its OpenGL implementation performs even better thanks to specific SSE optimizations.
It's pretty sad when we find it this hard to give ATI a positive plug. I had the opportunity to play with a Radeon in Win98se last week with the newest drivers installed. It ran great. *shrug* You may wanna run over there and see the benchmarks for yourself.

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