RAID Roundup
Posted on: 06/10/2000 05:14 PM

We just can't get enough about RAID around these parts. No, we don't have some odd infestation of insects, we're just all about performance baby (Fault tolerance is kinda cool too, icing on the proverbial cake)! Anyways, the girls over at Neoseeker have a nice little article regarding IDE RAID on the go, which is worth checking out.
IDE RAID is definitely gaining in popularity because of cards like the ones offered in this roundup. During the review of each of the cards included - my system was noticeably more responsive, and that alone proves to me that my next system is going to include an IDE RAID configuration - It's a cheap alternative to high-end SCSI based solutions and it's perfect for a someone who wants more performance or fault tolerance than their standard drive system can provide.
mmmm IDE RAID, very cool stuff. I just installed a 10k rpm SCSI drive recently though, and let me tell you, once you go SCSI I think it will be hard to go back. Anyways, check out the roundup, they take a look at the Iwill, Promise, and AMI RAID cards. Read it here

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