RAM Guide Part III
Posted on: 08/28/2000 05:28 PM

Ars Technica has gotten Part III of their RAM guide up. So If this is the kind of stuff that keeps you up all night tossing and turning cause you want to know the difference between RDRAM and DDR RAM then get your self over their and read the article.
We'll open up this article by talking about DDR DRAM, and how it relates to the current generation of SDRAM. We'll also talk about its strategy for increasing bandwidth, and what makes it a next-generation solution. Then, we'll lay the foundation for a lengthy investigation into RAMBUS technology by considering the closely interrelated issues of transistor counts, pin counts, and granularity. After this discussion, we'll take a look at RAMBUS, starting with the core of the individual RAMBUS chip and working our way outwards until we've covered an entire RAMBUS system implementation.

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