Rambus lies with the Devil
Posted on: 06/16/2000 11:17 PM

In a related article to the annoucement earier today about Rambus and Toshiba, Rambus filed a lawsuit earlier this year against Hitachi, more or less because they signed an agreement to produce RDRAM and never did. If Rambus wins, Hitachi must halt all sales of SDRAM, DDR DRAM and their SH Microprocessors. Now it seems Rambus is flailing their arms and trying to take everyone down with them.

Jer over at Tech-Report goes over the details and possible consequences:
Think I'm exaggerating the impact this could have on the industry—and on the consumer, as well? I'm sure some of you out there remember the days when it cost an arm and a leg to have even 16 or 32MB of memory in your computers. Back when video cards only had 512k or maybe 1 or 2MB of memory, and most computers cost more than $1,500 or $2,000. This development could turn back the clock quite a bit.
This is bad. Get the full story.

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