RC5 needs you!
Posted on: 10/30/2000 05:21 AM

I was chatting with Jeff Lawson tonight in our IRC channel [irc.stomped.com #2cpu - Ed.]. If you're not familiar with Jeff, he is the man behind distributed.net and specifically, the RC5 project.

Jeff informed me that he had the misfortune of losing his main developement system today due to some hardware problems (along with some new code). Now being a fellow SMP freak, I thought maybe I (and more specifically, we) might be able to help Jeff out. You see... He needs a new motherboard. Now I know one of you has to have a spare BP6 (or maybe something better) laying around on a shelf in your basement, so why not put it to good use? Besides, anything donated to Jeff or distributed.net is tax deductible.

If you think you might be able to help out, fire off an email to Jeff and hook him up. The cows will thank you ;-)

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