RedHat 6.2 Review... on hold.
Posted on: 04/11/2000 08:40 PM

I made a couple attempts at it this weekend. Plopped the CD in the drive (had my pepsi in hand), I was ready to go. Started the install... I even decided to try the GUI install, just for all you guys. The install froze for me at the point of fdisk/disk druid selection. I also tried good ole text-mode install, and it Sig 11'd on me... My roommate however installed it fine. Therefore I'm gonna have to play with it more. My hardware is solid, every other unix-based OS I have installs fine. Anyways... I'm just hoping I can get it running and reviewed for you guys. Although I'm not sure how favorable a review it would be at this point! :-) Stay tuned.

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