Screw the old mobo... Get a NEW one! :-)
Posted on: 05/21/2000 03:45 PM

It seems that Insane Hardware has gotten a hold of a very sweet new dual FC-PGA motherboard from Asus. Yep... Dual FC-PGA! The most interesting thing about this new board is it's ServerWorks ServerSet III LE chipset. Here's the skinny:
For awhile now, the hardware community has been awaiting the arrival of a mainboard capable of running Dual FC-PGA Processors that would not need the assistance of PowerLeap adaptors. With the demise of Intel's i820 chipset and the lack of i840 mainboards, Asus were left with one alternative when looking for a chipset vendor. VIA were out of the question due to the poor memory bandwidth required to pump the data throught to the Processors so they turned to ServerWorks who are well known in the Server industry for well rounded and robust chipset combinations.
Ummm... When you go read this p/review, please disregard the second paragraph where the author says...
So far the only decent Dual CPU board that we have seen of late has been Abit's BP6...
We all know THAT'S not true :-P"

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