SCSI Explained...
Posted on: 09/12/2000 03:01 PM

The guys over at PlanetHardware have decided to explain what SCSI is all about. I know a large percentage of our readers are already familiar with what SCSI has to offer over an IDE solution, but to those of you who don't, this could be a very informative read.
The concept that each singular device on the SCSI bus could be working independently is huge in terms of harnessing the power of each device. This is different from how things work in the IDE world, where each device must have control of the bus line in order to transmit data and perform read/write operations. Removing CPU overhead was also a strong point for SCSI, mainly because CPUs weren't as powerful back then - and saving some CPU cycles by moving much of the bus/device logic off to the SCSI controller made for increased overall system performance.
Check it out!

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