Posted on: 05/08/2000 06:27 PM

There has been a lot of buzz around the industry lately regarding RDRAM, its benefits, its drawbacks (other then the fact that it costs more then a compact car). Well, the boys over at Hardware Central have decided to take an indepth look at the subject.
In summary, we're confident that Rambus will continue to work on improving the performance of their technology and lowering the prices of RDRAMs. Due to the growing demand in memory bandwidth, the arrival of GHz CPUs, Gigabit Networking, real-time audio/video and the ever-growing demands of today's software, we'll soon run into memory bandwidth problems. RDRAM is not perfect, but it is currently one of the most promising solutions to bandwidth, latency and propagation delay problems, and is scalable, a distinct advantage... Once more manufacturers start producing RDRAM and it becomes as commonplace as SDRAM now is, we will see its prices dropping, too.
Holy technical batman! This article has everything anyone would want to know about RDRAM technology. Check it our for yourself if you dare here.

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