Seagate 3GBps S-ATA and RAID 3 unveiled
Posted on: 09/15/2004 07:57 PM

The Inquirer has the scoop on Seagate's latest-and-greatest: How about 3GBps S-ATA and RAID3? RAID 3, striping with dedicated parity, has never been something I've even contemplated using. Will Seagate change my mind?
The difference is that with RAID 3, and a bit of tweaked firmware, you can skip that annoying pause when the card is trying to figure out that a drive is indeed dead. If you are thinking that it is not worth it to do over good old-fashioned RAID-5, you are right, unless you are doing video. Video doesn't like seven second pauses while a controller tries to figure out if the drive just decided life was no longer worth living, nor the performance degradation of a limping RAID-5 set. RAID-3 is your RAID level of choice here.
Yeah... okay? They didn't change my mind. If you'd like to read it for yourself, click here.

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