Seagate spins 10k rpm disks
Posted on: 02/18/2004 02:35 PM

According to The Register, Seagate announced a new line of 10,000 rpm hard drives at IDF yesterday. The marketing people at Seagate came up with a catchy name for the new line: Savvio.
The new range is based on a 2.5 inch form factor. The drives have a 40 per cent lower power requirement than their 3.5 inch counterparts, a 15 per cent faster seek time, and three interface options - Fibre Channel, Ultra320 SCSI and SAS.

Seagate says that these features make the range ideal for high I/O density hardware platforms, including new servers, storage arrays and blade servers. Available in a one and two platter design providing 36 GB and 73 GB capacities.
I wonder what sort of heat output we can expect from these drives. Take a look.

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