Shiny new Celerons for your BP6
Posted on: 03/02/2000 02:14 AM

It looks as if Intel will be continuing the Celeron line... Even improving it! Here's the scoop straight from ZDNet...
The 566MHz and 600MHz Celerons will debut with a number of improvements aimed at speeding performance. Those changes include moving Celeron from its current .25 micron manufacturing process to a 0.18 micron process, resulting in increased clock speed for the chip. Intel will also add the Intel SSE (single-instruction, multiple data extensions) multimedia instruction set, sources said.
If you read father down in the article, you'll see that the Celeron is still stuck at the 66mhz FSB. Intel also said they have no plans to move to the 100mhz bus "anytime soon" :-/

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