Shuttle SB77G5 Reviewed @!
Posted on: 02/04/2005 01:04 PM

This week I was able to find the time to finish my evaluation of Shuttle's SB77G5 XPC. Shuttle has taken the new LGA775 socket and combined it with Intel's i875P chipset in a sexy package.
One area where Shuttle and other manufacturers have improved over time with SFF design is cable routing. When dealing with such a confined space, it's imperative to keep the cables out of the way. If you don't, you can really blow (pun) up whatever air flow considerations were put into the chassis to begin with. A twisted IDE cable stuffed into a tight area in an XPC could potentially block off an entrance for fresh, cool air or an exhaust for hot air. In either scenario, overall ambiant system temperature could be compromised which could lead to system instability or hardware failure. No geek wants to experience either of these things.
If you're a fan of Shuttle's XPCs, you'll probably want to read our review.

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