SiSoftware Email!
Posted on: 08/31/2000 07:34 PM

We've just been having great fun here at over the last couple days. Hooz received an interesting email from Adrian of SiSoftware. As the majority of you probably know, they are the creators of SiSoft Sandra the information, diagnostic, and benchmark utility which was used in our Exclusive Pentium 4 Benchmarks.
Just to say thanks for using our software (whoever ran them  ;) to do some of the benchmarks; the numbers and data is very interesting...

The MMX & SSE results are not really an issue since we've already written both Integer SSE2 (in place of MMX) and Float SSE2 (in place of SSE) for the Multi-Media benchmark; with a little optimisation they should outperform the PIII at the same speed. You can also do MMX, Integer SSE2 & Float SSE2 memory tests but these are not "standard STREAM" so they're disabled by default. We may also do a SSE2 (double float) version of Whetstone since SSE2 is the first instruction set to support double floats.
Nice :-)

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