Site Redesign: Comments? Suggestions? Help?
Posted on: 11/09/2004 04:05 AM

I've been kicking the idea of a complete site redesign around for quite some time, and after much frustration and discussion I've decided that the time has come for to get a facelift. I've been frustrated with the page load times lately due to poor ad server performance. Jim has spent quite a bit of time optimizing the server so that pages load fast and furiously for all of you but due to the table structure of the site, everything is slow waiting on the ads to load. Since the ads have to stay to help cover the costs associated with running the site, and since we have no control over the ad server performance, the best compromise is to redo the structure of the site so that the pages can load quickly and the ads can load in their own time. I may be wrong (please correct me if I am), but I am thinking that we need to move to more current, CSS driven layout to accomplish this. I am also starting to think that is looking a bit dated. The basic site as it exists today is pretty much a hacked version of the original site I designed 6 years ago. The look has changed, but the structure and code has largely remained the same. If I want to continue to grow the site (Jim and I have plans to do just that), then I need to ensure that the interface is user friendly, intuitive and pleasant to look at. I'd also like to add a few more aspects to the site. We've been promising a DC site for quite a while, and I'd really like to make that happen along with a few other things. I've never claimed to be a web developer, so I am going to ask for some help from you guys. If you have some web development skills and can or would like to help out, drop me an email. I'm also looking for your input. What would you like to see? How would you like it displayed? What do you currently like and/or dislike about the layout, navigation, etc? With our new template driven dynamic site, it's easy to change the look and feel, but not so easy to change the way things are displayed. I'll thank you in advance for your help and/or suggestions. Hopefully as we move into the new year we'll start a new era here at A bigger, brighter, more successful era.

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