Site Updates and a Cry for Help
Posted on: 03/04/2000 12:21 AM

I just wanted to take a minute to let you all in on what's going on around here. Just today I received Tyan's "smack-daddy" server/workstation board, the Thunder X. This is a high-end (and high-dollar) board for sure... GX chipset, 6 PCI, integrated dual channel U2W SCSI, and most importantly, two slot 2's. That's right! The Thunder X is an extreme dual Xeon board! JC is getting a variety of Xeons all warmed-up, and his review should be up in a few weeks (after his Supermicro P6DGE review :-). I think JC is also planning on using the 3DLabs Oxygen VX1 video card in the Xeon box, so we can all see how a workstation class video card handles a serious workstation.

As you can see in the "Coming Soon" section above, we have some more goodies from Tyan either in-house already, or on the way. Look for those reviews soon as well. While we are discussing Tyan, I have been in contact with someone from their marketing department (who shall remain nameless :-) ever since the announcement of the Tiger 133 earlier this week. I have been assured that we are on the top of the list to receive a board for testing... When samples are available! Be patient, it's coming :-)

Now the cry for help...

The mission of our site is simple. We want to be the online resource for everything SMP related. Hardware and software, but especially the operating systems that support dual (or quad, or thirty-two for that matter) processors. To do this, we need help! I have said this before, but we are looking for some help in the Linux and BeOS departments. Although we here at may play with Linux and Be, we really don't consider ourselves experts by any means. Are you an expert? If you are, and you think you might enjoy joining our team... Email me and we can discuss it.

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