SMP on a Single Chip
Posted on: 03/16/2000 03:22 PM

I just read this interesting bit over at ArsTechnica. It looks like IBM (and maybe even AMD) have plans for SMP on a single chip. Here's the scoop on the Power4 from IBM:
IBM's Power4 is unique in that it can offer multiprocessing from the confines of a single chip. Power4 chips will combine two processors on a single die, which is the slab of silicon on which the processor is built. Power4 is also a 64-bit chip, meaning it processes data in 64-bit chunks, as opposed to most desktop chips, which tackle data in 32-bit chunks.

'You can compare (Power4) to Pentiums in clock speed, but, in reality, it's much more powerful.'|Fred Ziebler, president, Pathfinder Research Power4 will serve high-end RS/6000 servers that perform large numbers of online transactions or host high-traffic Web sites, such as those involved with the Olympic Games, Tendler said.
And this little blurb on AMD's Sledgehammer way at the bottom of the article:
AMD is also likely to go down a similar route. As it refines the techniques used to manufacture the Athlon, AMD sees the potential for single-chip multiprocessing, where two Athlon processors are placed on the same chip. This technology will likely show up in AMD's own 64-bit chip, code-named Sledgehammer.
So... If someone feels inclined to manufacture a motherboard with two sockets (or slots, or whatever) for these processors... I guess that would really make it a QUAD. Hmmm...

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