Socket Cooler Shootout!
Posted on: 06/12/2000 11:39 PM

Earlier I posted the link to the Thermal Compound Shootout. What's next? Well Heatsinks/Fans of course! The guys over at Hardware Corner are pitting the heavy weights of cooling against one another. They've got the Alpha PEP66, GlobalWin FKP32, GlobalWin FDP32, The Golden Orb, and the RDJD K601.
Okay from the results I would say the Golden Orb, FKP32 and PEP66 are excellent products. I only was able to test the coolers with a Celeron PPGA cpu, so I'm not sure how the coolers are going to perform with FCPGA cpu's. The performance between the three coolers are extremely close and there isn't a real clear winner in terms of performance.
Check it out here.

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