Solaris Contest Winners
Posted on: 07/25/2000 06:31 PM

Yes, there were multiple winners. I found a couple extra Solaris goodies.

First prize of Solaris 2.4 and a Solaris developers kit goes to Steve Zimmerman, who sent this in:
My favorite Scott McNealy quote is straight out of Newsweek, 12/30/96, p.
50. The subject is philanthropy:

Sun Microsystems has a community volunteer program and a corporate
foundation. But ask multimillionaire chairman Scott McNealy about his
personal philanthropy, and this is his response: "If you want to
redistribute wealth, you liberals, why don't you go out and earn it and give it away. Redistribute your own wealth."
Jeramy Ogden got second prize, which is a copy of Solaris 2.4. He won with this link.

Third place winner asked to be anonymous, but his story was one many of us can relate to: He met his wife over IRC, but now that they got married, she gets mad at him for spending so much time on the computer. He gets a copy of Solaris 2.5 Desktop Edition.

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