Soltek @ BXBoards
Posted on: 08/16/2000 02:28 PM

BXBoards has a preview of the recently announced Soltek dual-PGA motherboard. Soltek may not be a household name like ABIT or ASUS, but they make good boards and we can only hope it's better than the MSI 6321.

- VIA 694X + 686A chipset, ATX Form Factor.

- Supports Dual Socket 370 CPU Processing!

- 3 DIMM / 5 PCI / 1 AGP Pro slots

- Supports 8 IDE ports

- Supports Ultra ATA 100 & IDE RAID Port!

- Support VIO Setting from 3.3V to 3.6V!!

- BIOS Vcore setting
Sounds like it's using the Highpoint ATA100/RAID controller found in the new ABIT and Soyo BX133 boards.

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