Supermicro Announces New Boards and Servers
Posted on: 10/06/2002 04:02 PM

I little birdie dropped this nugget in my inbox this morning. It appears that Supermicro is launching a serious attack on the dual Xeon market, this time they are announcing no less than nine new motherboards and seven new servers.
The new line of Intel Xeon processor-based server solutions includes nine new serverboards and seven new servers. The P4DP8-G2, P4DPE-G2, P4DPI-G2, P4DPL-8GM, P4DPL-iGM, P4DPL-M, X5DEE, X5DEI and X5DE8 serverboards and the SS7042P-8R, SS6022P-I, SS6022P-8R, SS6022P-8, SS6022L-8R, SS6012P-I and SS6012P-8 servers all support dual Xeon processors up to 2.8GHz, providing exceptional performance for the most processing-intensive applications.

Several support Ultra320 SCSI, dual Gb LAN ports and IPMI 1.5 (details below). IPMI 1.5 includes powerful server management functions while decreasing the total cost of ownership (TCO) with such features as remote system shutdown, restart, system upgrading, system status monitoring and asset tracking.
These all appear to be based on the Intel E7500 chipset, so it's hard telling what they might have in store for the upcoming "Placer" chipsets et al.

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