Supermicro joins Tyan with ATX sized dual Xeon boards
Posted on: 01/30/2003 12:31 AM

Supermicro have released a couple of standard ATX sized dual Xeon boards that will spark your interest if Tyan's Tiger i7500 appealed to you: The Super X5DAL-TG and the Super X5DAL-G. The difference between the two is the Silicon Image 4-port Serial ATA and Zero channel RAID support for SATA present on the Super X5DAL-TG. Both take standard ATX PSUs, support 533MHz FSB Xeons and, wait for it........both have AGP and will run standard DDR rather than just registered ECC.

The dual Xeon market is hotting up. The range of boards is becoming such that there will be a model for every niche. Nice to see.

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