Supermicro PIIIDM3 I840 Motherboard
Posted on: 02/16/2000 01:06 PM

GamePC has gotten their hands on the latest dual motherboard offering from Supermicro, the PIIIDM3. This interesting i840 board uses SDRam (the i840 was designed for Rambus) and has a few other cool features. Here's the review, and here's a clip...
This board really does have just about everything you could want on a mainboard, but you'll have to pay for it. The board has dual Slot-1 support, 4 DIMM slots, AGP Pro 4X, 4 32-bit PCI slots, 2 64-bit PCI slots, onboard 10/100 Intel ethernet, onboard Creative audio, and onboard Ultra 160 SCSI. Whew! I'm tired already. Unfortunately, besides the large pricetag, the board is so large it fits only into the largest cases. Even a monster case like the Addtronics 7890 is just enough room for this board, in perspective, it's about 1/2 larger than most current BX motherboards.

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