Supermicro PIIIDM3 Review
Posted on: 04/08/2000 12:57 AM

PC Accelerate has gotten their hands on Supermicro's latest, the PIIIDM3. Just getting the motherboard was a feat in itself, I'm sure, as SM claims "short supply" on them. Anyway, this is a high-end board featuring the i840 chipset and built-in SCSI. Here's the clippage:
The PIIIDM3 is both the first server board and the first board from Supermicro we've tested. The company has built an excellent reputation for building rock solid server boards, so we were happy to lay our hands on one of their latest treasures to see if it meets our expectations of what a server board should be.
I can't find in the review which processor(s) they used, but the Win98 benchmarks lead me to believe there was only one. Anyway... Read the whole thing right here.

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