Supermicro "Super Quiet" Analyzed @!
Posted on: 01/28/2005 03:25 PM

Supermicro recently sent me their latest SuperWorkstation, the 7044A-82. While the hardware components were quite similar to the last Supermicro system that I tested, this had a new feature aimed at keeping the box cool and quiet. The name? Well Super Quiet of course!
The high-end workstation however has always been more of a challenge. How do you keep the latest and greatest processors (often in dual+ configurations) cool without damaging the customer's ear drums? What about multiple 15,000 rpm SCSI hard drives? High-end video cards? The list goes on. Supermicro has taken this challenge to heart and they've come up with an interesting solution: "Super Quiet" technology. Our hope for this article is that we can adequately explain how Super Quiet works and the difference that it can make.
Those of you who tend to drool over high-end workstations will probably want to take a look at our article.

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