Supermicro Rumor and Cumines on a Tyan Tiger 100
Posted on: 02/29/2000 06:57 PM

PC Accelerate has a few goodies for us today. The first is a rumor that Supermicro is going to be assimilated into the motherboard industry's equivalent of the Borg... Yes, it appears that Supermicro will be bought up by PC Chips. What will this mean for Supermicro? Here's a clip from the the article...
This week at CeBIT Supermicro is demonstrating their new quad processor solution based on the Server Works chipset. Presently they subcontract production of their roughly 50,000 units a month to Wellex in Fremont and a couple contract manufacturers in Taiwan. It surprises me that a company so successful would allow itself to be acquired by PC Chips. Presumably, Supermicro wants to take advantage of the extremely low cost manufacturing capacity of PC Chips to cut costs and expand into the desktop market.
While surfing PC Accelerate's site, I also stumbled accross this article detailing the trials and tribulations of upgrading a Tyan Tiger 100 to the new PIII Coppermine processors. Yes, apparently it can be done. Read the article to find out how :-)
Removing the old, reliable 350MHz CPU and installing one of the new 700Mhz CPU's resulted in a system that wouldn't pass POST. No video at all. No problem, I checked Tyan's web site to see if they have a newer BIOS. I had AMI BIOS rev 1.07, and most likely it didn't have the required microcode update or the support for newer P-III CPU's. I found a beta BIOS on their site but in the description it didn't mention anything about supporting the newer Coppermine CPU's. Why should they? Hey these boards were designed well over 18 months ago, and we all know that Intel, being the giant that they are, can change CPU specs at will, thus leaving motherboard companies scrambling to modify or redesign boards (been there; seen that. Remember the 486DX4-100?). But since Tyan supposedly had the latest V8.3 compatible VRMs on these boards, I figured the VCC core of 1.65V would be supported.

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