Supermicro SuperServer 5015M-UR Reviewed!
Posted on: 04/09/2007 03:40 PM

Over the last month, I've been testing a new 1U Server concept from Supermicro. The model is the SuperServer 5015M-UR and the concept is a flexible solution with multiple storage options available to the customer.
The SuperServer 5015M-UR is an interesting new beast from Supermicro because the motherboard (PDSMU) is a proprietary form factor and the entire concept is based on Supermicro's new "Universal I/O" system. Essentially, Supermicro is letting the customer select what UIO solution they want with their 1U server...

This flexibility will make the 5015M-UR an attractive solution to a wide range of customers. For those looking for something affordable to do low-level file & print, a 5015-UR with a cost-effective SAS controller and SATA drives would be an excellent solution. On the other side of the coin, if someone was looking for a server to handle something more I/O intensive, a 5015-UR could still be a viable option when paired with a higher-end SAS controller and drives.
My personal thanks go out to Michael at Supermicro for working with us on this. If you'd like to read the review in its entirety, click here.

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