SuperPower Polaris II Full Tower Case Review...
Posted on: 06/14/2000 07:36 PM

The ladies over at HardCOREware have a review of a SuperPower Polaris II Full Tower case posted. It's a big case that's high on features and low on cost. A 250W ATX power supply is standard, with the option to upgrade to a 300W (which is on the AMD list of recommended power supplies for all you Athlon fans).
If you are looking for a case with lots o' 5.25" bays, lots o' room to work in, a great PSU, and great potential for blow hole mods, this could be the case for you. In my opinion it is very competitive with the Aopen HX-08, and Inwin Q500, for right around the same price range.
It runs around 78USD with the 300Watt power supply. Read it yourself over here.

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