Swiftech MC370-3 Review
Posted on: 06/08/2000 03:30 PM

The boys over at Hardware Central decided to get into some thermoelectric cooling. They took an indepth look at Swifttech's MC370-3, which offers active thermoelectric cooling, right out of the box.
the Intel Retail cooler was able to keep our Celeron anywhere from 20C (with the assistance of CPUIdle) to slightly over 40C under full load. the MC370, on the other hand, was able to keep the CPU well below 20C even under full load, and settled at an amazing -10C when CPUIdle was used. Really, the graph speaks for itself--the MC370 was able to keep our Celeron approximately 25 or more degrees cooler under all circumstances.
Very cool stuff. If you check out the 8th page (Performance Real World Cont'd) they even talk about how this solution will fit in a dual slot1 board. Space is always a big issue, but Swiftech offers an interesting and unique solution. Definitely worth checking out over here.

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