Taiwan speaks, Damage writes it down.
Posted on: 06/15/2004 05:21 AM

I was going to try to summarize the things that were said, but there's just too much rhetoric to condense further. Scott 'Damage' Wasson of TechReport has been combing the Far East for news for the last week or so, and he's gotten several very cool articles out of it. Today he has this great piece which has a lot of great lines from various technology company reps. Of particular interest was the following line from AMD's Dirk Meyer: "the x86 architecture is the only architecture the world will ever need.". I'm sure that one will never come back to make him sorry. I mean really, the world still gets by on 640K of RAM, right Bill? In case you missed Damage's other Eastern adventures, this one was a media-heavy picture and video tour of Abit's manufacturing plant. Well worth a look, even if you already saw it once.

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