Taking a Pair of cB0 CU's for a Spin!
Posted on: 05/21/2000 09:51 AM

Chris Connolly of GamePC had the pleasure of taking a pair of P3-600EB's for a spin around the block. He benchmarks the Pair against a single 600EB and also a 933EB processor. And yes he did do some Q3 benchmarks, but I don't know too many of us who own a Asus P3C-D or who could afford 256 megs of RDRAM I know I cant :-)
As the benchmarks show, adding a second processor does give a hefty boost in performance, but definitely not a 100% gain like some people would assume. In our tests, we saw roughly a 40-50% gain in SMP enabled applications by going dual, which may not be enough to justify the killer price tags in most people's minds. Although, two 600EB's are almost half the price of a 933EB at the moment, it looks to be quite a deal for the performance gains you get.
I know you knew that already. Read the whole article here!

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