Tbreak reviews the GigaByte GA-6VXD7
Posted on: 09/28/2000 11:00 PM

Duallies Duallies everywhere! Tbreak took a look at GigaByte's new duallie, the GA-6VXD7.
The Northbridge is covered by a heatsink which improves chances of overclocking. Speaking of overclocking, unfortunately all tweaks to adjust your CPU speed are done through dip-switches and not the BIOS. There are two sets of dip switches - one that controls the clock multiplier and the other controls the FSB. I wish Gigabyte had exchanged the position of these two switches, as the one that adjusts the FSB is right below the AGP slot and people with a long video card (Voodoo5 owners) will have a real hard time.
Interestingly enough, they didn't even use the same processors. He also mentions installing Win9x on the duallie for gaming purposes. What's that about? Anyways, read it here if you really feel obligated too. To be honest I started posting this while I was reading it... the first page looked fine, then it seemed to go downhill from there.

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