The beauty of the source...
Posted on: 05/18/2000 12:37 PM

OSOpinion has an interesting look at the actual Linux source code. This isn't really from a technical standpoint, but more of an artistic look. It's a bit hard to explain, but the article is pretty interesting anyway. Here's a snip:
Many years ago I read a very battered tenth-generation photocopy of "Lions Commentary on Unix" (also called the Lion Book), and I remember thinking that I had passed some kind of event horizon. Looking at the original Unix sources (with John Lions' wonderful commentary), I came to realize that good computer programs are not those that simply *work*; good computer programs are also elegant, efficient, and (when they need to be) devious and clever. Ken Thompson, Brian Kernighan, and Dennis Ritchie had discovered something profound: small things could be both beautiful and amazingly powerful.

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