The first multiprocessor Athlon system?
Posted on: 02/12/2000 04:42 PM

Well the first multiprocessor system for the Athlon might be revealed at CeBit in Germany. I saw this link over at from AMD Zone.
AMD (H13, D08) demonstrated on the ISSCC already first prototypes of the copper Athlon with integrated L2-Cache (Thunderbird) with 1,1 GHz clock and delivers now 850-MHz-Versionen. In order to be able to mix together in the workstation scene, above all also multiprocessor systems are important: If everything runs well, one will be allowed to admire on the CeBIT also the first Athlon multiprocessor systems, probably on base of the Tsunami Chipsatzes of Compaq/Digital.
Here is the link to the rest of the article. BTW - You will need a translator like Bable Fish to read the article.

[Otherwise it will look like this - Ed.]
AMD (H13, D08) demonstrierte auf der ISSCC bereits erste Prototypen des Kupfer-Athlon mit integriertem L2-Cache (Thunderbird) bei 1,1 GHz Takt und liefert jetzt 850-MHz-Versionen aus. Um in der Workstation-Szene mitmischen zu k