The G-400 Max Under Win2k and Quake3
Posted on: 07/05/2000 05:21 PM

I bought myselfa brand new G400 Max a few months ago. I was so excited. It had dual-head, supposedly performed on par with a GeForce, and just had functions and style to spare.

Then I found out that Win2k driver support was pretty much a bowl of dog food warmed in the sun for two days. (sigh) Multimon doesn't even work right. I've seen THREE monitors work on THREE different types of video cards, and it works great on Win2k. But Matrox can't even get their drivers right for ONE card.

Check out these horrid stats on Win2k with Quake 3.

Hey Matrox - How about some good drivers for Win2k? Maybe even follow the WDM so you can have ONE set of drivers?!

P.S. Matrox knows how to market DUALHEAD in Italy:
This pic rocks

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