The Inq, The Cadalyst Review & Intel v. AMD
Posted on: 11/01/2003 11:09 AM

In a piece that fits in nicely with the two previous news posts, Mario Rodrigues of The Inquirer puts forth his opinion of the Cadalyst workstation review in the light of Intel/AMD posturing:
FOUR MONTHS ago in June, I wrote an extensive piece that was titled: AMD's Opteron: Does it measure up?
I said at the time that the Opteron launch was essentially a server product launch, as there were no workstation motherboards. I also said in response to the article's headline that it was "an assured yes". It looks like that label can also be applied to Opteron's workstation performance as well.

In the November issue of Cadalyst Magazine, nine dual powered workstations were reviewed. Two of those were AMD Opteron-based, one was AMD Athlon MP powered, and the remaining six were Intel Xeon configured. For its roundup requirements, Cadalyst asked each vendor to send in a representative system that was equipped with a 3D OpenGL graphics card. So that wasn't a situation, which has been seen in so many reviews before, where a consumer level graphics card had been used instead. Cadalyst's review tests were run on systems that were properly configured for workstation use.
Mario seems pretty confident AMD is set for a good run against Intel, painting a convincing case but, can Intel really pull something out of the bag?

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