The Mob and Linux?
Posted on: 05/06/2000 03:30 AM

Just parusing Linuxnews and found this pure gem! The Mob knows about making money, and they know a winner when they see one! Apparently IDC released a report today that Mob use of Linux has passed Windows NT by a 2:1 ratio!
Bennie "Root" Calzone confirms that IDC report does reflect his experience. "Oh yeah, dose NT servers will get you put inta a cement mixer quicker than anything. I remember Bobby 'blue screen' Manzetti. He got whacked right after the Super Bowl last year when NT locked up and ate the Don's spreadsheet with all the bets. He was a good guy, but he made a really bad choice."
Hehehehe, that's great... Check out the rest of this beauty here.

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