The Samurai
Posted on: 07/07/2000 04:56 AM

Whoa don't know how I missed this one :-) SysOpt has a great write up on Micron's Samurai DDR Chipset. I hope this chipset delivers the goods. It looks really good on paper well as usual only time will tell tho I would have to guess that the memory benchmarks for it will probally rock. Read the article here.
Micron is leveraging itself into several computing arenas. Samurai DDR supports all current Intel P6 based CPUs. The first working boards built in December, 1999 utilized Intel's Slot 1 architecture, but the final product will natively accept Slot 1, Socket 370, and Socket FC-370 designs. Micron has also recently finished support for the AMD Slot A and Socket A architectures, and hopes to aggressively market this K7 DDR chipset as a direct competitor to Intel's i840 platform. With SMP (Symmetric MultiProcessing) support, Micron could even be the first vendor with a multiple CPU Athlon product.
*cough* No Way *cough*

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