The Scoop on the BP6 and Dual Coppermines
Posted on: 02/22/2000 06:33 PM

The FrgMstr has done it again! This time, he gives the skinny on the BP6 BIOS and dual Coppermine support. Since he doesn't bookmark his news, I'll rip the whole thing (If you like, you can head on over and read it there too. Just scroll waaaaay down :-).
Wanna see a bunch of stuff that looks like trash? Well take a good look, cuz there will be a pop quiz later. Anyway, this has to do with the THEORY that an ABIT BP6 will support the current Coppermines in a dually config. We are waiting for samples of a PPGA to FCPGA adapters now to give it a shot, but also we need to know if the BIOS on the BP6 is currently up to snuff. This is run down on the BIOS and what is in it, from an unnamed source.
******** bp6_pw.bin BIOS component ********

No. Item-Name Original-Size Compressed-Size Original-File-Name
0. System BIOS 1F5D2h(125.46K)15E17h(87.52K)original.tmp
1. Other(6F5D:0002) 00A2Eh(2.54K)00766h(1.85K)original.tm1
2. XGROUP CODE 062A0h(24.66K)04382h(16.88K)awardext.rom
3. CPU micro code 01000h(4.00K)01023h(4.03K)CPUCODE.BIN
4. ACPI table 02386h(8.88K)00EEBh(3.73K)ACPITBL.BIN
5. EPA pattern 00642h(1.56K)002A1h(0.66K)AWARDEPA.BIN
6. PCI ROM[A] 05C26h(23.04K)03635h(13.55K)CHIPSET\HPT_121.BIN

Total compress code space = 35E17h(215.52K)
Total compressed code size = 200E3h(128.22K)
Remain compress code space = 15D34h(87.30K)

** Micro Code Information **
Update ID CPUID | Update ID CPUID | Update ID CPUID | Update ID CPUID
PPGA 05 0681| PPGA 03 0665| SLOT1 40 0650|
The important part to note here is the PPGA 05 0681 part of the microcode information. That corresponds to the current crop of CuMines available. Basically, if PowerLeap's adapter works, ABIT has already done the hard part.... Can you say dual CuMine SMP goodness? I knew you could.

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