Thermal Compound Roundup
Posted on: 06/12/2000 12:22 PM

Another oft forgotten "piece of the puzzle", Thermal Compound. It fills in all those imperfections in the surface of the heatsink and processor and allows optimal dissipation of heat. This is a common question in hardware forums, "Which Thermal Compound is the best?". The Tech Zone is going to try and answer that question for us.
What is in that stuff? Thermal compounds consist of two components: 1) Silicone or a similar binder and 2) The conductive material itself. The conductive material usually falls in one of two categories: Metal filled or metal oxide filled. The difference between these is that the oxides aren't electrically conductive while still maintaining the original thermal conductive properties of the metal before it oxidized.
Educate yourself in the ways of Thermal Compound over here.

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